Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Since when did guys ACTUALLY think that honking their horns, saying something witty like "hey baby enjoying the summer?" and then inviting me to jump in the back of his car so that we could go for a drink would work as a pick up line????????? Am I suddenly so stupid that a) I would think he was cool because he thought to honk his horn at me, and b) that I would actually get into to some strange guy's car to go for a drink, and c) actually care that he seemed genuinely upset and surprised when I didn't agree?

Seriously... Don't honk.


Anonymous said...

He was clearly thinking you were hot stuff baby! Next time, wink and wave.

Was nice to see you yesterday, too funny.

Talk soon, V

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Guys have some serious short-circuiting when it comes to girls and thinking logically. And some don't seem to realize when they're crashing and burning. It's painful to watch.