Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm totally sick of the look of my blog. It's been almost a year, and I definitely need something new. None of the "already made" ones jump out at me... but I'm not really sure how to make my own. Any suggestions?


Kirst said...

You got me. I suck at this kind of stuff. When you find out you can tell me. I'll let you know when Tuesday night dinners will back up and running. I will be away again so it will be after that. But if you want to hang out sometime, give me a call.

Blogosaurus Rex said...

You have complete control over your template. It's one of the reasons why blogger is way better than cryspace (oops, myspace).

So why haven't I replaced mine? Because I suck. That's why ;)

lu said...

i am feeling the same way, but i am afraid if i change my template that my blog will be erased. i realise this shows my ignorance of the whole internet thing, but i'd like a change too.