Sunday, October 01, 2006

Montreal Pics Finally

So thanks to Vaness, I got some more Montreal pictures. I have posted a few on Flickr, but below are some of my faves.

This was Vanessa's friend, the paramedic, who's blood pressure she took as I was behind the ambulance throwing up. Awesome.

Surprised I wasn't dead. I can see the fear in my eyes.

I can't say anything about this. Though this is Tyler who I visit in Montreal when I fly there now. And the one with the motorcycle.

These two pics are us getting a little crazy in a random souvenir store. We were hysterically laughing, taking all sorts of poses and then we got kicked out of the store because you apparently aren't allowed to take photographs of items that you aren't purchasing. I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life, except perhaps when I was looking at these pictures today.

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Kirst said...

Will you bring your computer tomorrow? I think I need some new songs on my MP3 player. I like the red hats, by the way.