Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shut up!

Guess who's on Breakfast Television?????

The Urban Peasant! He's looking O-L-D. This is the guy who would "measure everything very carefully" on his cooking show while free pouring 80 proof whiskey into some recipe. He often uses his fingers for everything. He would walk around the set with a weird limp and say funny little weird quips about everything. A few years ago he came to the Stampede and my mum was the one who picked him up from the airport and drove him around etc. and she got me an autographed cook book of him. As we speak he's telling these kids to quit with those nuisance forks and use their fingers.

Ah the Urban Peasant. Best Cooking Show. Ever.


kristen said...

we have a free preview of the "one" network...the urban peasant appears daily. we watched an episode just for old times sake. as the dish was shaping up, jordan said "all his stuff looks good...then he adds something gross like raisins or figs" moments later he added raisins to his risotto.

--Nathan-- said...

i dont know about the best cooking show ever.

what about those two fat chicks from england. (wasnt their show called "two fat ladies"?)

they would wrap everything in bacon... and really the world needs more of that.

kristen said...

and one of them died of coronary heart disease...colour me shocked.

Lulu said...

I LOVE the Urban Peasant.....his whizzer has inspired many a dish in my kitchen!
As for the Two Fat Ladies - they too are wicked awesome! Gotta love their use of bacon - that and squishes sandwiches...