Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wherein I swear, just to let you know.

So I've been avoiding a new post until I had pictures from Vegas so that they wouldn't be like a week later and me being all "here are those pics from that time I went to Vegas" and you're all "I really don't care about some trip you took a while ago, I cared a while ago when I was reading about the trip" when really you don't care at all but at least there was something visually pleasing while reading about some trip you don't care about, but alas, I haven't gotten the stupid cord from my mum's place yet, and thus not having a way to get the pics on the computer to put on the internet. BUT, it's been a while since I posted and I was getting bored, so new, vegas picture-less post is here.

I got back today from a three-day, which was pretty easy/fun/annoying. The easy part was that it was easy (duh), the fun part was that I got to see Steph in London, where we had dinner at this awesome restaurant with her boif and bro, another fun part was that I got to see anOTHER friend in Grand Prairie and had dinner and chatted about people and had to use the staff bathroom at the restaurant*, and the annoying part was that my flights from GP and Edmonton got delayed so much today because stupid Edmonton only had one de-icing truck that a bunch of people missed their connections and I felt horrible about it. Especially this one guy, who has a really long weird story, but the jist is that he missed his flight, and his ex-wife will be pissed off yet again and hate him even more. My heart went out to him, especially when he was in the back galley trying to phone her to tell her he was missing his flight and he was leaving a message and me being the queen eavesdropper listening in and hearing how awkward the message was. (And FYI I wasn't even staring at him while I was eavesdropping like I normally have to.) ANYWAY, I was sad that people missed their connections.

I'm VERY glad to come home to more tolerable weather... It was minus a bazillion when I left, and now I think sitting around zero, which feels like a heatwave! Yay for chinooks and missing the transition so I don't even have to get a headache! My feel are still cold though. When will they ever warm up?

I'm almost done my Christmas shopping, which is not as much of an accomplishment as it sounds since each person is getting one small gift plus something from Starbucks. Nonetheless, I only have one more main gift to purchase and then maybe a couple for some friends if I have any money left. This Christmas is really hard for me, because one of my favourite things is to give gifts, and whenever I'm shopping I ALWAYS see things that I would love to buy for people (especially Kristen... I find probably 20 things a day I'd love to buy for her) but I don't have any money this year, so I'm limited to one gift for under the tree and one gift for the stocking per person, both gifts being probably worth the same small teensy amount of money. It sucks. I wish I could buy more, but I really really can't. I also wish I could buy presies for my "extended family" like friends, family friends, fake in laws etc. but I don't know if it's in the cards. We'll see.

I have more to say, but I don't feel like it right now. Sorry! I'm busy reeling on the fact that I just got invited to go to Hawaii with someone, but can't go because I'm working on Sunday. Who gets invited to Hawaii and then doesn't go? ME. Fuck I'm an idiot**.

*I will however tell this story. So we're in earls in GP. I get up to go to the bathroom shortly after getting our bevvys. I go into the bathroom, and all the toilets are, um, full. I go to flush one of them. Nothing happens. I try them all, and none flush. I walk out of the bathroom and some manager type walks by. I tell her the bathrooms aren't working. She says "oh, well I'll try to fix them".

Flash to 10 minutes later, me REALLY having to pee. Manager type brings us our calamari.

Me: "How are those bathrooms coming along?"

Manager Type: "well, yeah they aren't working, I don't know what to tell you."

Me: "Ummmm, so where am I supposed to pee?"

MT: "Do you have to go that bad?"

Me: "Well, ummmm, yeah, and we're about to start our appetizer and we're planning on having dinner, and I don't really want to have to sit here the whole time having to pee."

MT: "OK."

Then she walks away... I look at my friend and we giggle uncomfortably. MT comes back.

MT: "I can walk you up to the Staff bathroom. Come on."

So I go as well as my friend, since she has to pee now as well, and we walk through the kitchen, up some stairs, down a hall, into a bathroom where servers have left their street clothes to pee. The most awkward part? Waiting for my friend to pee, in the staffroom, with Manager Type and other servers talking about how wasted they were all last night. MT is looking at me nervously hoping I'm not listening, but this time I wasn't as good an eavesdropper so I'm staring at everyone as they're talking. Weird story.

**Sorry I swore. Seemed like the thing to do.


kristen said...

good use of wherein...

lu said...

good use of the eff word...

Evey said...

Loved the erals bathroom story. Do they still have margarita mondays at earls?

Evey said...


Anonymous said...

good use of alas...


Heather said...

Evey yes they still have margarita monday... and belini tuesday, and martini wednesday. All good days.