Saturday, November 25, 2006

So I went to Vegas

I'm home now. Vegas was very interesting. Part of me loved it, and the other part of me hated it with every morsel in my body. I'm disappointed and thrilled all at the same time. Very strange.

The things I liked:
  • The lights - SO MANY LIGHTS
  • The Strip in it's strippy glory
  • New York New York - The hotel smells like apples, it has high ceilings in the casino, and it has the coolest roller coaster EVER. It goes outside and around the hotel and so high... it was freaking awesome and probably the best thing IN Vegas. I loved it!
  • The Fashion Show Mall - Even though I happened to be in Vegas on the busiest shopping day of the year, I loved the mall and the ridiculousness of it... Two live shirtless male models in the entrance of Abercrombie? Crazy, but hilarious.
  • The free drinks while playing quarter slots. HELLO
  • Walking around drunk until 5 in the morning from hotel to hotel. So funny.
  • Walking around Vegas in a tank top when it's minus 20 in Calgary.
  • Going to Vegas for free.
The things I disliked:
  • Our hotel. Biggest piece of crap ever. Sorry, but true.
  • The people - Who on earth gets off an escalator and then stops at the top of it so that people fall into each other while they're trying to get off as well.
  • The people - Who on earth brings their five children to Vegas for a vacation. There were kids sleeping in the hotel lobby waiting for their parents to be done gambling. Disgusting.
  • The people - Rude. (Sorry I know they're not all rude. But mostly)
  • The food - I have never felt so gross after two meals in my entire life. We went to the buffet... well nothing on earth could have ever prepared me for that monstrosity. I don't know if I ever want to eat at a buffet again. All I can say is that there's a rule that states that they can kick you out if you stay longer than two hours. I think that rule was enforced several times when we were there. We went to McDonalds late last night before we left since there was nothing else to eat, and they didn't have any of the "healthy choices" that we have here... No wraps (except a fried chicken wrap), no sandwiches, no salads, nothing. I saw someone eating a Big Mac AND a Double Quarter Pounder.
  • The whole consumerism of Vegas. I know you go to Vegas to indulge, to live in the surrealness for a little bit, but out there I found myself thinking "Wow I would love to be able to look out my window and see the mountains, and not hear blasting music coming from giant tv screens in the street." I understand that's not what Vegas is, but I think it made me reflect on my own lifestyle and be glad that Vegas wasn't it.
I realize that this weekend wasn't the best time to go, since there were loads of people and everyone was on holidays. I also realize that I LOVE shopping so it's kind of hypocritical to be all "people shouldn't consume so much and appreciate the simple things", but I just didn't like the whole larger than life thing. It really wasn't for me. It was cool to go, for a day, for free. I would like to maybe go back, stay somewhere like NYNY and see some shows, but again, more than two days would be too much for me.

AND even though I'm half American, this american city was way too american for me. I like the hippie Vermont type states, not so much the WOAH WE'RE AMERICAN AND DO EVERYTHING TO THE POWER OF A BAZILLION states.

I did get lots of free drinks though. And that's really what this was all about.

Oh, and pictuers are to follow. I just have to get the cord from my mum's house.

OH, and quite possibly one of the greatest things? I got a 40 of Bombay Gin for $14.50 american. HELLO


K said...

I figure I'm willing to pay more for booze in exchange for universal healthcare...

Did you end up having to pay any duty or did you look fetching enough in your polyester?

Heather said...

Oh I looked fetching... And the girl customs officer was in an extra nice mood I guess! I claimed it all, so I did nothing wrong. And now, a party to drink said 14 dollar booze.

K said...

did you fly in at night or during the day? when you fly in at night it is pretty darn cool.

Evey said...

I just left u a big comment and it went away somehow, I hate this new blogger/beta crap. lol. Anywho....

Glad you had fun!