Monday, November 20, 2006

Something a little less boring

Guess where this little flight attendant is going on Wednesday? Toronto... not too exciting. BUT, the next day? VEGAS BABY!! That's right, twenty hours in Las Vegas, staying ON the strip... I seriously can't wait!

I had my first major puke incident this pairing... A poor lady just kind of puked all over herself and the seat and the floor and everywhere imaginable. The rule is, you find it, you deal with it. So, I happened to be the one walking by when I heard "um, excuse me" and I turned and she had puke EVERYWHERE. SO, I won't go into major details, but I had to go back to the seat three separate times and clean more and more because the smell wouldn't go away. I was on my hands and knees, with my face all up in it, and dry heaving the entire time. I even cried a little bit, just because I was in a "I hate my life" kind of mental state. BUT, as sorry as I felt for myself, I felt sorrier for the lady because she still had a long way to fly and she didn't have extra clothes. And plus she was a grown lady who puked everywhere, and she was so embarrassed. (Don't worry I didn't let her see me cry... only the floor and the piles of puke saw that. And maybe the guy sitting behind her... he certainly saw me dry heaving and he was laughing. I wasn't laughing back.) As soon as I got to my hotel room, I called my sis and we felt sorry for ourselves together. I thought that if anyone would understand how I was feeling, it was her, and she happened to be on the verge of puking herself from a bad headache, so we talked to each other in whiny pathetic voices for a little while and I felt better. She felt better later since talking to me probably only made her headache worse, but she sacrificed... that's what sisters are for!

That was my weekend. Kind of crappy.



kristen said...

i'm glad that she didn't have something like norwalk so that in turn, you had a puke-erama day yesterday...

Kirst said...

Puke, yuck! Now you kind of know what a mom goes through. I guess if you are flying out on Wednesday you won't be around for dinner. We aren't having dinner tomorrow night but Wed. Just for this week. Hopefully next week you can make it.

The Postman said...

Nasty. Reminds me of when I worked at Pine Lake and had to clean up puke. We used to play "guess what this kid had for lunch".

Also, reminds me of the first time Emma had "kid" puke. It's soooo different than baby barf. Baby spit-up at least doesn't really smell. Kid puke, well it's just like adult barf, smelly.

Again, nasty.

Evey said...

YUCK! You are a brave brave girl. I know it was your job and you had to clean it but I would not have been able to. I would have puked. I cant even clean up my dogs puke, one wiff of vomit and im done for. EWW!

Hooker said...

god damn. sorry. one time i puked on a plane. no no no no good.

it was as we were landing. i felt so bad for whoever found it. i hadn't slept in two days as a result of some ridiculous stomach bug that nailed me out of nowhere. i instantly felt better after puking.

i'm so fearful of hurling.

Heather said...

So hooker did you puke in a bag and leave it at your seat?!