Monday, November 13, 2006

that was boring

I didn't really like that post at the top... it was pretty boring and I barely read through it myself, so I don't really expect that someone would take the time to read it either.

I got my new couch today and put it in my place. It's nice. Except it doesn't match the chair that Linda recently bought, which I'm pretty upset about, since it's the greatest new chair ever and I love it. I'll have to think how to solve that one.

That's that. Tonight I work at an OTHER different Starbucks, but this one is just 16th ave so no Chapters. I'm hoping it isn't bad.

That's it. See ya.

1 comment:

Lulu said...

a few throw pillows strategically placed and voila! No-one will notice that the chair doens't match! Plus all the christmas decorations will detract from the mismatched furniture - trust me!

PS - I love the new couch...good choice!