Thursday, February 15, 2007

OK so I DO know that Jordan's birthday was on the 10th... I'm not totally crazy. I was all mixed up with what day it was currently and so that's why I seem like I'm on crack. Jordan's 27th birthday = February 10th, 2007. There, it's settled.

I got home yesterday from a great four day... I laughed a lot and had a great time with the FA's. It's very refreshing to have good genuine laughs with people for four days. Also, some kids that were travelling yesterday brought us presents! One girl gave us bracelets all packaged in a little box with confetti inside, and the other ones gave us candies and valentines!! It was the cutest thing ever, especially since they were all travelling to go to a funeral. I had some Spiderman valentines and another FA had some Strawberry Shortcake ones, and we had received some valentine candy from the CSA's in Montreal, so we gave the boys the spiderman valentines and the girls the strawberry shortcake ones with some candy and they were really excited. The parents were really appreciative too, and it felt good to be recognized and then make the kids feel good too!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, it was yesterday, and yes this is the first Valentine's with the new boyfriend gentleman caller. Nothing really special was planned, but we made some dinner and then I fell asleep since I had woken up at 2:45 am. Valentine's Day is pretty lame in my book, so I don't need a big fuss made over me. It was no McDonald's date though, like what Kristen and Jordan did.

This weekend will hopefully be a good one... The Lethbridge crew is coming in for reading week, so big parties to follow. I'm going snowboarding on Sunday with Matt and his friend James and James' girlfriend from Toronto. I'm really excited, but nervous because I haven't been in about 5 years. I'm scared I'll make an ass of myself. Oh well, I'm not too worried about it. I'll just make an ass of myself and that's that.

My running training is going pretty well so far. I'm doing it, which was the biggest challenge. The actual running part isn't that hard, just getting my lazy ass to go was what I was most worried about. Kristen and I are making sure we stay on track though. (Well actually she is making sure I go, not so much the other way around.)

That's about it. Oh except I got a sweet argyle sweater and purse at H&M in Montreal. Love that place.


Devo said...

I'm sure a dinner date at Mcdonalds is better than nothing, which is exactly what I did. Why give a gift for valentines day when being with me is a gift unto itself.

Lulu said...

soooo jealous of the H&M......

Evey said...

Dinner date a McDonalds....awesome!