Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Flames Go

Last night I unexpectedly got to go to the Flames game with Vanessa, and I was very happy about it. I have been wanting to go to a game for so long, and then Matt and his brother got tickets for this game, and Vanessa was going, and I was feeling kind of sorry for myself because I was going to have to wait till the game was over to hang out. Then, after a phone call telling me that her extra ticket was now MY ticket, my evening took a sudden turn, and Vanessa and I hopped on the train and headed down to the dome for some heroin beers and hockey. As we were walking to our seats, Iginla scored with an assist from Conroy, and after that the goals kept coming! It was an awesome game, with loads of fights and Iginla back in action with Conroy. I'm super glad I went. The beers, well, the Saddledome is famous for having heroin beers. They get you drunk. Quickly. So yeah, we had a few. After the game, we met up with the boys and had some drinks on 17th ave. All in all, a great night. It was even worth the heroin beer hangover that I currently have. Urg. My head. I'm having a hard time proof reading so I apologize if this doesn't make any sense. Well I don't really apologize... just think of it as an accurate portrayal of my mindset at the moment.

Tomorrow I leave for FIVE WHOLE DAYS... I'm not too thrilled about that aspect, but I AM thrilled that three of the four nights will be in Ottawa, so I can hang out with Kristen. I miss her these days. Maybe it was the whole post about me having a boyfriend that she might not meet and then it hit me that even though we see each other a lot she's not HERE, and in my normal life. Life on the road is kind of different... It involves the same outfit every day, hotel rooms, limited time and cutoffs for drinking. It sucks that she can't be here, hanging out at my apartment, having dinners cooked by my dad, chilling with the cat at my mum's house, going for Starbuck's and me in different clothes. (I do realize that we hang out at her apartment and go for Starbuck's in Ottawa, but it's kind of different. Plus I wear the same clothes everyday.)

Enough of the sad stuff. Bathing Suit update: Went to American Apparel to see what they had to offer. SUPER cute one pieces that are really unique and cute bikinis with mix and matchiness, but they're all made for girls with zero boobs. (Sorry Kris.) I will try Bikini Village and Winners. And I'll check out the bay too. We'll see how that goes.

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Lulu said...

Good game, however I did enjoy the post game shenaningans chez nous - very very funny!