Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damn you PST

So I found a bathing suit. SERIOUSLY.

It's adorable. It's not really as supportive as I was looking for, but it was honestly way too cute to pass up. It fits, I have a different size bottom than top piece, and it is flattering. I looked for a picture of it to show, but apparently it's last season's suit so it's not on the company website. It's a bikini, mainly black with different colour skulls (yes skulls) on it. It's not an all over design, but on one boob there are smaller skulls, then on the other boob there's a larger outline of a skull in stitching. On the bottom there are the same smaller skulls on the ass part. It doesn't sound really that adorable but it is, just you wait. I saw it and instantly knew I HAD to have it, and then when I tried it on it fit well and looked good, so I bought it. I ended up getting it at Bikini Village, in Ottawa... I guess in the end what I spent on PST I saved in gas, since the only Bikini Village in Calgary is at Southcentre, way far from my place. I'm very excited that I finally found something.

I'm happy to be here with Kristen and Jordan... Yesterday I came over and ate their food. Today I came over and napped on their couch and will probably eat their food again. I'm such a great guest. I did come bearing gifts of coffee, so I don't feel so bad.

Kristen revealed her big secret to me I think a day or two before the internet, (only because I sent her my feb sched) and I'm very proud of her! It's a huge thing to decide to run a race and start training etc. She asked me yesterday if I would consider doing it with her, to which I replied "ummm, errrrrr, yeah why not!" which in my head meant "well, I am kind of lazy, and I've been trying to get into shape, and it would give me an excuse to get a cute new running top, and would make me follow through on some kind of goal, and perhaps would force me to get off my lazy ass on the road and use the gyms instead of watching soaps and old Trading Spaces re-runs, so yeah why not!" So, I am hoping to run the race with her, in May, before Jordan runs his big ole marathon. I told her she had to kick my ass and make sure I didn't quit after a week. Today she asked "so did you run?" to which I replied "yep" to which SHE replied "for realsies?" in an I-think-you're-lying voice, to which I replied "yes, for realsies", which is the truth, I did run today, 1.5 miles... Aint no thang! So we'll hopefully keep each other motivated and run this thing together.

I guess now that I wrote it on the internet I kind of have to do it hey?

That's it... I'm home tomorrow, thankfully. I have worked hard, and it's been super cold everywhere I've been and it's nice in Calgary. Damn you all who got to spend the day outside in plus nine while I was in Winnipeg at a crisp minus 40.

I can't help but notice that Kirristen and Jordan's pen holder in their office is a pint glass from the Kilkenny that I, ahhhh, acquired. I've been looking for that glass.


Dee said...

I think all this snow must be your fault because you said it was nice in Oh well I guess it could be colder!!

kristen said...

you've already commented on the fact that we have your kilkenny glass. or was was it that we have your wild rose glass...(insert evil laugh here)

Heather said...

It was the wildrose glass. You steal all my stolen goods!

kRIsten said...

PS- you spelled my name wrong. I can't believe it took me THIS long to notice.