Friday, February 09, 2007

Things I purchased on my last pairing:

  • A large Tim Horton's coffee and a yogurt and berries
  • A sweater from Le Shithole
  • A kick ass bikini
  • Capri pants from Aritzia (on sale by the way)
  • A grande half sweet vanilla non-fat extra-hot latte and a reduced fat mandarin loaf from Starbucks (I suggest you try that loaf as well as the apricot thumbprint scone. They're delish.)
  • A birthday card and some candy for Jordan's birthday
  • Two cab rides from Kristen's place to my hotel (too cold and too late to walk by myself...)
  • A small decaf mocha at the coffee shop Jordan frequents
  • A cup of coffee from Second Cup
Five days worth of purchases. Not too bad...


K said...

I'm pretty sure that I purchased that small decaf mocha for you....mmmkaay.
(though i guess it was kind of a tradsies for half the cab ride)

Dee said...

I think that you might have a slight caffiene addiction...