Thursday, November 10, 2005


We decided that since we had a weekend FULL of stupid work to do (we get today and tomorrow off school), we would take an afternoon and relax and have a beverage at the Den. (In case none of you frequent the Den, it's the bar on campus).

I'd like to take a moment to mention that we did NOT successfully get a picture of our hot server, though we did ask him to TAKE one of us. I was quite disappointed.

(This is the one he took of us).

There were lots of people coming and going throughout the day since they had to class etc., but basically we had fun.

If you notice that there's lotion in this picture, well, it's because there is. It's this amazing lotion that's "vanilla sugar" I think, and it's something that you can apparently only get in the states... Anyways we put it on almost every class that we have with Linda (since it's hers) and when we put on the lotion, we normally try on her engagement ring... Some of us like to take the pretending to a new level, which inspired a series of glamour shots taken with hands strategically places and stupid poses... I didn't partake, since someone kindly pointed out that I was the furthest thing from engaged... (it may have been me, so I'm not blaming anyone.) Some of the pictures are horrific, but I won't post them until I ask if I can...

This is Katie, Pablo and me... Pablo is from Mexico and he's a grad student but in one of our classes... he's pretty much the funniest person ever... He entertained us for quite a while.

I pretty much just wanted to post some picture since I took so many yesterday, and I'm getting a new found interest in taking pictures.

That's all for now... I have a HUGE weekend of homework planned, so I just can't wait to get started! Some might say that I'm a tingle with anticipatory delight!


K said...

Perhaps you should have had another beverage. Then you could have claimed drunkeness and said "hey, hot waiter, can i get a picture with you?"

Hez said...

I considered that... but since I go to the Den quite often, I didn't want to have to face him after that!

Dr. Papa said...

Nice photos! I think one should always take pictures of hot waitors - or even hot waitresses. I just ask.

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fun time.. Which one is you in that second pic by the way?

Hez said...

I'm the middle one that looks like a corpse... I'm very pale, and sitting next to a mexican and taking flash photography in a dark bar doesn't do anything for my cause.