Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome to my Webpage!

You'd think I could come up with a better greeting than that for my website that I created for Computer Science 203... but I couldn't.

I had fun doing it, though it's a pretty boring page. I tried to make it kind of interesting, but I was sort of at a loss for exiting things to say. It's being graded, so I couldn't make it too juicy! Anyways, you can have a giggle at my super fantastic picture on the homepage. I'm not sure why I put that one since I look like I've been crying for about 10 days in it! (I don' think I was, but maybe...) And if you're in a picture on that website, sorry for not asking your permission... You look nice so it shouldn't matter!

That's my major accomplishment for the day.

1 comment:

revswife said...

Adorable. I didn't see any bad pics of you that you mentioned, they were all cute. Anyways...hope you get a good grade. That is a neat site.