Friday, November 04, 2005


Yay! I'm so excited!

Except that I have to do homework all weekend... boo!

My friend Steph who is actually from Vancouver, who lived in Calgary, who now lives in Winnipeg for a bit, who is coming back to Calgary in the winter semester, IS COMING TO CALGARY THIS WEEKEND!!! I'm so excited for that! She is going to be here toDAY, and then we'll hopefully go out tomorrow or something, but yeah, I'm pretty excited.

I met her at the Racquet Centre cause she worked there too, and she's my "jewish" friend, cause she's always talking about all these jewish activities, parties, summer camps, dinners... and I always say "oh steph, can I come?" and she replies "ummm, Heather, you're not a jew!" So unfortunately, I can't go to all the fun things she talks about. It's kind of an ongoing joke with me and her that she has jew only things, and I asked her one day "am I allowed to say jew?" and she said "yes, I don't mind that you say jew, but other people might mind." So for any jewish people reading this, I'm not being anti-jewish, but my jewish friend told me I could say jew, so I'm saying it. (I hope this doesn't make me sound really judgy, cause I'm really not... it's just funny because I never knew about the whole jewish community thing, and really, I kind of wish I COULD go...)

Anyways, that was quite the interlude.

So hopefully I get to go out and hang out with her and we'll have fun and it's all good. I can't wait for her to come back to work, because with the exception of 2 people, the racquet centre staff isn't very friendly. We used to have such a cool group of staff (some even worked there when Jordan worked there!), but now they all left, and there are just a few of us who are still actually FUN people and who have personalities... It's kind of a drag. My boss is asking us about what we want to do for the staff party, and I'm thinking to myself "you mean I have to spend time with these people?" I'm sure they're all very nice around their own friends, but they really don't seem fun at all! For all I know they're writing on THEIR blogs that I'm not nice, but oh well. I've tired to be nothing but nice to these people, so there!

Today I'm going to go to career services at the university to get my resume butchered/looked over. I've really been considering trying to get a job with WestJet (it all came from jokes with my sis) and I know that it's SUPER competitive, so I've decided that if I want to have the slightest of chances, I better have a great resume. Hopefully they give me some good suggestions. Also, I thnk my high school guidance councellor retired and became a flight attendant with WestJet, so I might have to give her a call!

I guess that's it', I better run and get my duff to school, so yeah! Have a great weekend! Maybe I'll have other funny bar stories!


Blogosaurus Rex said...

Good luck with the resume.. If you join Westjet, you can tell people you own it, just like the commercials :)

K said...

careful about the work and the blogging...people have been fired.
that being said, i wish i had work to blog about.

Hez said...

Haha I don't think I'll get fired about talking about my work... I didn't say anything bad about the JOB did I??? And plus, I really do try to like these people! THey just make it so hard! (but advice taken... I suppose I HAVE said where I work and all... not a great idea!)

I got my resume looked over/butchered today... I hope that with the suggestions they gave me, I'll "shine" through all the rest. It would be WICKED to be in one of those commercials! That would be my dream!

Hez said...

I just realized I said "looked over/butchered" in my post and in my comment. I think I need to expand my vocabulary!

K said...

alls (like it) I'm saying is, a certain blogger gor fired for saying things about the people at work and some comments about the job. never named the company or the people...i'm not saying it will happen to you, just reminding you to be careful.

look up dr. dictionary word of the day and you can get a new vocabulary word sent to you every day...