Saturday, November 19, 2005

The weather I hate the most...

Wind. I HATE wind. As much as I despise the cold, I would rather have cold than wind. I just can't stand the wind. I don't like it for various reasons, which I have outlined below with the convenience of bullets.

  • It blows dust into my eyes. Ouch
  • It blows garbage around and onto my legs. This kind of grosses me out.
  • It makes my car door slam into me when I'm getting my backpack out of the back seat.
  • IT MESSES UP MY HAIR!!! Man do I hate it! I spend good time getting my hair to look the way it does, and then I walk outside and it gets blown around!

Don't get me wrong... I like the weather that comes with chinooks, but could there just be a little less wind? Please?

Just so you all can be impressed, I made this post in HTML... with the bolding, the bullets, and everything! I'm getting HTML clever! (It's really my computer science class that taught me this just 2 days ago... but still!)


Dr. Papa said...

So how do you get to post this blog when you had to be at work at 8:00 AM?

It must have been windy then, because at 11:00 AM it was pleasantly warm and sunshiney!

No comment about Harry Potter?

The Rev said...

Um, chinooks without the wind? How?

Well done with the HTML. But why? Bold and bullets are all right there in the little posting window so you don't have to use HTML. No?

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Good job with the HTML... And it's nice to see you used the logical <strong> and <em> tags instead of the physical <b> and <i> tags. Better for standards compliancy, and the latter 2 are deprecated.

Sorry, that's the Web design instructor in me coming out 8^P

Re: the wind... It could be worse.. You could be living here... where we get wind chills of -50...

Hez said...

I know that a) chinooks can't come without wind... and that b) everything I did in HTML is there without me needing to know HTML... but I feel like I accomplished something since all those things didn't mean a thing to me before!

and the chinooks thing... well, I can just wish can't I?