Monday, January 23, 2006

I Hate My Car

Well, that's not entirely true. I just hate it when it doesn't work properly. I quite like it when it does what it's supposed to. What I hate, is having to pay $1000 in repairs/maintenance when there was "technically" nothing wrong with it. (I say technically, and what I mean is there was nothing majorly wrong with it). I took it in today for an oil change, (and a light and mirror repair), and got reminded that my rear breaks and tires need replacing. I had forgotten that last time I took it in they told me that next time I'd need to do these repairs... (and no, my mechanic isn't ripping me off... we know them well and they take good care of me... most of the time.)

Apparently a new side mirror for my car is over $250. I HATE having a rare car that no one cares about. That's a pain in the ass. (And to you teenage punks who ripped my mirror off... karma's a bitch and I hope that you buy a dud of a car and have to pay thousands a year on it.)

I have to remember that I'm lucky to even have a car, and that I'm lucky to not have too many other expenses... so I can't complain too much. But still... over $1000 in repairs when I have pretty much NO disposable income and get paid pretty much nothing per hour. All I can say, I'm pretty flipping glad I have a line of credit. It will be put to good use this month!


K said...

that car needs to be sold...and you need to get a different one. a LOT of money has gone into that car in the last few years...a lot.

Blogosaurus Rex said...

What kind of car? Curious, because you said "rare".

Hez said...

it's nothing fancy... just a Chrysler Cirrus, American (so in miles, not km) and just a pain in my ass. It looks nice, just not so great working.

And yes, I need to sell it. A new one? Fat chance.