Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend, where did you go?

I seem to have misplaced the weekend. I don't know where it went. From working, to going to a bridal shower (withOUT the bride, I have to add), to being the obnoxious table in the corner at el sombrero because we drank 3 pitchers of margaritas before going to the bar, to going to brunch a little tired the next day... I just don't know where it went. The result? Didn't do a STITCH of homework and am really tired today.

There was a classy display at the restaurant by all of us (you can visit my flickr site for lame posy pictures)... We like margaritas, okay? I also wore heels. I don't really wear heels. I was walking to the bathroom, tripped a little, in front of a table full of guys. Back at my table, I re-inacted the event and we were talking about it RATHER loudly, and I said "what? WHAT?? I've had a pitcher of margaritas and I'm wearing stilletos... what? I'm owning it. Yeah, owning it." What does that mean? Well, I don't know. But apparently it means SOMETHING because the whole table of guys were hyserical laughing (and I really don't know why, cause I'm not really very funny) and I think someone said "look, those guys are laughing hysterically" which made me whip my head around and stare, which resulted in them laughing EVEN HARDER. I'm not very subtle... ask anyone who's seen me eavesdropping.

Another example of the classiness? Well, when Katie got back from the washroom, she had this strange look on her face. Why, you ask? We were asking the same thing. This is what she replied: "well, I thought I was doing fine (referring to the level of drunkeness), but when I went to leave the bathroom, I realized that I had a straw in my hair. And when I wondered where the straw came from, I realized that I haven't taken a sip of my margarita from my straw since the first round." Of course, we couldn't stop laughing (resulting in more stares fromt the middle aged guys across the restaurant.) How do you get a straw in your hair? We really don't know.

The rest of the night pretty much went like that. We were in our own little margarita land with our own definitions of what funny is... If you ever want a good laugh, just come out with us, because we'll provide enough entertainment for everyone!


Dee said...

I dunno Hez, I think you're pretty funny...this post especially made me giggle.

Lulu said...

Well - you're not alone - I didn't end up doing any homework either, and all I can say about those guys is - too bad they weren't having as much fun as we were - clearly they were quite envious!
Thanks for the fun weekend - I really needed it, we'll go for Margaritas again - I promise....