Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wherin I spare you from my dirty dirty mouth

My day has been eventful. Not in a good way though.

It started with a sleep in, which was nice... I got to wake up on my own, I made myself a latte, then went downstairs to get some homework done. Nice, and relaxing. Not for long.

Spilled my ENTIRE coffee... Shit. I managed to miss my own computer (thank goodness) but got it ALL over my mum's keyboard and the floor. Luckily, I had a bunch of papers resting on the keyboard, so it didn't totally soak it, but definitely got it wet. The string of swears that came out of my mouth was enough to make a sailor blush... So I grabbed my robe (since it was sitting beside me) and tried to wipe it up... anyways, after a lot of cleaning, the keyboard is just lying upside down hoping that the coffee will just drip out, and the carpet is doused in vinegar with a towel on it. I decided to re-arrange our computer table so that I can avoid this situation in the future. I was pissed.

So I get ready to go (after making myself a new cup of coffee to bring with me), remember that I have to put on my new license plate, so I go out, and fumble around with it for a while, my legs getting tired, hands freezing to the plate, I'm not really happy about it.

Decide to go up to my dad's before school so that I can look for my hoodie that I can't seem to find. I go there, look for it, can't find it. Shit. (I decide to help myself to some leftover wedding cake while I'm there, which does brighten my day a little).

Go to school, remember that I forgot my parking pass. Shit. Get yelled at by Lot 10 lady because I only have a $20 bill. SORRY lady that I don't carry enough change to satisfy your needs.

Anyways, since then, my day has been fine... I sat in the racquet centre with Steph, chatted and chilled, sipped my new coffee, laughed at dumb people who came to the counter. (We're not ACTUALLY total bitches, we just get a lot of dumb people.)

I went to the gym, for the first time in a long time, which is slightly embarassing. It was really good... ran for a while, longer than I normally do, did some other stuff, and I left feeling really good and with an extremely red face. Hopefully this will make me get into my groove again and I'll be fit in time for summer.

Hopefully this "better part of the day" continues into the everning, and I'll get loads of homework done and it will be smooth sailing from now until the end of the semester. Hopefully.

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K said...

Silly H-mo...spilling coffee everywhere. Who do you think you are? ME?!?!
I hope your day gets better. Did you at least watch a little Clodine with your spilled latte?