Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CIBC Run for the Cure and Cleansing

So Sunday was the CIBC Run for the Cure, and it was a great success for Walkers for Knockers West. Though it was rainy, it was still a good walk. We had 14 team members this year, but that was without the Ellis/Lemoine bunch, but WITH some Goddesses of Hope since they didn't have enough people for their own team this year. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't dress in their full on outfits, but they decided to take a break and be Walkers for Knockers. Thanks everyone for your hard work!

As for the cleansing part of the title, I have decided to do a body cleanse. Not a scrubbing type cleanse, but a detox cleanse. I'm kind of scared. I've heard that it's not exactly.... comfortable at the start. But I've been feeling really run down and not too energetic lately, and I think the whole flying all the time is affecting my body more than I know, so I looked into the cleanse thing and decided to give it a shot. I'm doing "First Cleanse" since it's, duh, my first time cleansing, and also it's not too strong and harsh, so people with sensitive bodies can do this pretty comfortably. I don't have to eat totally crazy things, just try to eat mostly fruit and veggies, whole grains, fish... basically what you should be eating anyways. Then there are two different herb things that I take, one type in the morning and the other at night. I can also split it up if I'm thinking I'll eat totally horribly for a day, say like on Sunday for thanksgiving. I will let you know how it goes. I'm scared. Of the cleansing part of the cleanse. You know what I mean. Gross. I don't make it a habit to talk about my *cough* digestive system *cough* on my blog, even though other, more famous blogs do, so I won't go into detail about it. But I'm scared.


Anonymous said...

well i wouldn't worry about the cleanse part of the cleanse. worry more about those herbal supplements you have to take, they can taste awful depending on which one you do. but i am sure they keep them light and breezey for the first time cleanse!

all the best with the cleanse.

~lu (silly blogger beta...)

Hooker said...

a friend of mine recently did some crazy cleanse. only drinking some pepper juice and honey solution and drinking water and that's it for a week. and pills. some sort of pills.

good luck with yours. it doesn't sound too ridiculous.

and as far as the paintings go, it depends on the piece really. i've charged $30 for little stuff, $10 for drawings, or $250 for larger more detailed pieces. I don't go much over the $200 range. I'm not one of those artists who thinks they can honestly get $1000 per piece.

don't be afraid to tell me an idea you have. i'd like to hear it.

and i'm glad you enjoy the stuff.

Kirst said...

Don't forget about eating horribly on Tuesday nights. See you tonight.