Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sexy Pictures

I pretty much love titling my posts "sexy pictures", only to frustrate people searching for porn and getting my useless blog post.

Anyway, last night I had the goal of taking some sexy pictures of me and my new car, but it didn't really happen. First, I had to get my car washed. Then, we decided to go out and spent far too long getting ready and by the time we went outside it was dark. Then we decided to try anyway, and the batteries in my camera died. So all in all, it was a total bust. But soon. I will have the pictures soon.

Today the sis came to town with the brother in law (who doesn't have a blog to which to link, loser) and it's great to have them back in town. I feel kind of selfish since I see them way more often than everyone else because of the whole flight attendant thing but still want to hang with them in Calgary. So far the selfishness has worked because Kristen and I have been hanging out just the two of us all day. That was slightly accidental because I ended up taking WAY longer than expected at the university picking up my degree. It took me AN HOUR to get a freaking paper with my name on it. Lame. Hopefully tonight we'll hang out with other people too so I don't feel so bad. (And by bad, I don't REALLY mean bad because I'm totally fine with hanging out just the two of us but I say bad just to look better to others).

Here's a little shout out/question for Steph, and the others who know "the story" and have benefitted from my misfortunes and laugh at me daily because of it... Guess who I ran into at the university? Just take a wild guess. The result was giggling and me saying to Kristen "funny story after we walk by this group of people". Will I ever stop providing people with constant amusement because of my ridiculousness? I think not.

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Steph said...

there is no way that story will ever become old or unfunny honestly, it you might be holding on to the best should be humiliating but really is just too funny to be story!!Not to mention I've never seen the stallion of which we speak and therefore have even funnier images running through my head...oh thanks for that!
i will call you after vegas! happy turkey!