Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Update

So thanksgiving has come and gone, and good thing I took two days off the cleanse for the drunken fest the other night and Thanksgiving. I ate SO much, I could barely move. It was kind of out of hand. But so good. Turkey on the barbecue is like nothing else. Same with pumpkin pie. So very delicious.

Anyway. I worked at Starbie's Saturday night and Sunday morning, and then got my veggie (green beans) and dessert (fruit and dip... very innovative I know) ready to bring to my dad's house for the dinner. Then the 29 other people showed up for the dinner, and the gong show began. Actually it was surprisingly not so gong showy ish considering there were 30 people in a house for a sit down dinner, so that's really good. I think we were all a little concerned about what would actually happen. It worked out, and the thing I am thankful for this thanksgiving is that I don't still live with my dad and therefor didn't have to clean up this morning.

After dinner I chilled for a while at the house and moaned because my stomach was so full, and then went to Shillelagh's for a drink (which was actually water) to say bye to the Lethbridge crew before they went back today. Stayed there till it closed and then came home and watched Project Runway and then went to bed. I'm not really sure why I'm telling you every single thing I did, but I for some reason feel the need so I will continue.

This morning I got woken up at 11:30 ish by my new ringtone, which got incorporated briefly into my dream and I think I may have been canoodling with Justin Timberlake, but then realized that it was actually my sister calling me to ask "are you awake yet???" to which my answer was "um, no? yes? what?"

Since then I've been sitting on my couch, looking at random shit on the internet, slowly getting up to pack for my trip up north tomorrow, and watching a CSI marathon and also a Survivor 1 marathon. Survivor used to be so ghetto compared to what it is now, but I'm realizing that Survivor is exhausted, and nothing special anymore, so I'm pretty much only watching the CSI marathon.

My little adventure up north starts tomorrow, where I fly to Grand Prairie and will be met by the family I used to nanny for and we'll then drive me to St. Isidore, where I will stay until Sunday. I think we'll basically chill, relax, and make me feel so old because the four year old boy I nannied is now almost 7 and the almost two year old is now 4 AND there's a new baby who's almost 1 who didn't exist when I was there. I feel old. Very very old. Anyway, I'll be chilling up there with Marc and Monique and the chitlin till Sunday, which is when their new nanny will be arriving. I'm excited for that because I haven't been back for a year and a half, and I love just hanging out with Mo. It will be great.

Tomorrow my sis and Jordan also leave, but them not so much up north but more eastward towards O-Town. (Yes, you do live in a tv made boy band). I hope they had a good visit and even though they didn't ACTUALLY toast to WestJet last night, I know they both owe this visit to me and should buy me gifts of appreciation. Well not actually. I'm happy to give them the chance to come home. For real. Anyway, I'm glad they had a good visit.

That's about it for my weekend update, though I'm no Tina Fey or whoever is doing it these days on SNL.

On a side note, why do people in apartment buildings listen to super loud music with loads of bass all the time? Normally it annoys the piss out of me but I don't say anything because it's not like it's super late at night or anything. But for some reason I'm very annoyed by it today and it's grating on my nerves, more and more every time there's a big low note playing. Should I ask them to shut the hell up? (though perhaps a little nicer) or slip them a note when I know they're not home, or just not do anything? Does living in an apartment mean I have to put up with that? And, how do I know that they aren't as annoyed with me and MY loudness... I don't think they KNOW they're being obscenely loud, so for all I know my tv and music are super loud as well and they're having the exact same ill feelings towards me as I have towards them? What a predicament.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!


kristen said...

I actually DID toast to westjet...just not as loudly as the other toasts. (speaking of toast, i'm eating some right now)
I hope you are having a great time up north...and next time you feel really old, just think about how old I am.

Perhaps next time you're in O-town, we'll shower you with gifts. (or at least the $4.07 I owe you)

Hooker said...

thanksgiving already?

Heather said...

We're Canadians you see... CaNAdians.

Hooker said...

oh you. you guys with your square wheels and crazy holidays.

K said...

and we just recently legalized the that was a good day.

Heather said...

K I am laughin SO hard! Oh Rick Mercer, you never cease to amaze me.

Yeah up here in Canada we're kinda crazy... Public Health Care, weird thanksgivings... it's all chaos.

BUT since I'm half American, I think I should start having two thanksgivings... good idea? I think so.