Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Weekend Update

I went to Lethbridge with Vaness on Thursday to visit Tink Brady and Zach. It was my new car's first mini road trip, so it was a big day for jojac (my car's name... long ish story which I don't feel like typing). We went out to the Duke for the night after playing some drinking games (which ALWAYS end in me hanging over the toilet but this time it didn't) and stayed there for the evening. The next day I hung out in front of the TV for the morning as to still my lurching stomach. Caro and Steve came on Friday night, we all played an other drinking game (time number two that it didn't end in loosing my lunch) and then went to Ice (classy name I know) for some dancing fun. We had an extraordinarily long walk back home because we couldn't get cabs, and then I had the most uncomfortable sleep ever on the couch. Today we chilled for a bit, went to Macdo's and got 44.00$ worth of food for us and the boys and then drove home.

Thrown in there somewhere was me swearing profusely into my rear view mirror because I had just set my cruise control to 20 km over the speed limit and then saw RCMP behind me with their lights flashing, but thankfully weren't after me and then ended in Vaness and I DYING of laughter because we had JUST had a discussion about how fast I could go without getting a ticket (and being safe of course); me crying laughing at lunch with V and Zach for several unknown reasons; me crying laughing again at V because it looked like she was scratching her head with a fork; then more crying laughing at Tink's and my dance routine that started with 5, 6, 5 6 7 8 clap snap hand circles which resulted in V spitting out her drink because SHE laughed... And so much more laughing. And a little stomach unsettleness. But mostly laughing. This paragraph probably means nothing to anyone but me and Vanessa and whoever else was there, but I felt the need to document it anyway. So much laughing. It felt really good to have a lot of crying laughs.

Good weekend. And it's only Saturday.


K said...

so you gave up on sparky then?

Anonymous said...

i loved all the laughs. thanks for an awesome weekend babe.
5, 6, 5678