Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blogging?  From my desktop?

So with my new computer, I'm discovering new things everyday.  For anyone with a MAC, you know about the "dashboard".  It's this little thingy that you can ask to come up that has a whole bunch of little shortcut buttons and fun things.  On mine, I have a claculator, a calendar, a weather forecast, a converter (for currency or measuring things), a post-it note and an iTunes play/skip doodle.  The other day, I was dinking around on the MAC website, and realized that you can download MORE options for your dashboard.  SO, now I have 3 new ones.  And etch-a-sketch, which gives me hours of entertainment (though I could never compare to Kirsten's art work), an iPhoto mini thing (which I'm only medium about...) and a blogger post thing.  So on the Dashboard, I sign in, and voila a blogging square thing pops up and I can blog without even opening an internet browser!  I don't get any fun options, but seriously, this is cool!  Anyway, I'm going to find out what other crazy things I can download on to my dashboard, though I'm running out of room...

Have a good Saturday... if all goes well tonight, I'll have some CRAZY pictures to show from Marla's birthday tonight!

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