Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Post for the sake of posting

It's Tuesday...
  • I'm at work...
  • I have class
  • I'm going to Kirsten's for dinner
  • Amazing Race is on
That's about all for Tuesday.

My weekend was pretty good... It started out with me working (blech) but then Vaness and Katie met me at work and we made our way down to the den for a "drink or two" (read: I had my toothbrush and contact solution already at Katie's because I would be staying at her place). Anyways, the three of us had some Cajun Fries (drool) and some hi-ball pitchers... Later Jackie-from-the-equipment-room met up with us and she invited some of her (CUTE) friends... (well one of them was cute). And we all hung out and stuff... I don't really know what else to say about the evening except that I perhaps possibly might see one of them again... maybe. (The cute one...)

I'm weird.

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