Monday, March 27, 2006

Dude...(Major Band Geek Moment)

I can't even explain how freaking amazing this thing I saw tonight was. My old percussion instructor from high school Tyler Hornby had a gig at the university with his band, and I dragged Linda to go see it with me. I'm seriously speechless... I miss music so much I realize... I kept looking over at Linda in the performance "holy shit that was SICK" and she'd stare at me blankly and say "yes, it was very nice." Just how freaking amazing they all were, I can't believe it. He looked pretty fine too... There's just something about musicians!


Dee said...

You can take the girl out of the band, but you can never take the band geek out of the girl!!

Lulu said...

yes- it was very nice - but in all seriousness, I could never imagine being that good at anything! I had a good time - thanks for the invite!

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Musicians Ro0l!

(Thanks for appreciating us. We appreciate your appreciation.)