Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Mother...

... is always right.

Even when it comes to French verbs.

How can she, who hasn't taken French in 30 years, (30 YEARS!!!), still remember when to accord the direct object pronoun, and I, who have taken French for the last 17 years of my life, be absolutely certain that I DON'T accord the past participle to the direct object pronoun in this sentence and BE WRONG??

Will I only begin to "master" this language when I'm 53 years old helping my kids with their stupid online exams because their prof is too lazy to mark them herself?

How infuriating!

The moral of the story: My mother is always right.

Update: My mum just gave me her French Grammar book from when she was in Switzerland in 1969 and told me to look in there for the rules on according the participles. It was published in 1968, but as she says "Grammar doesn't change, Heather". True. However, I am curious to see what was written on pages 93 and 94 that were removed due to "la censure qui exist en Suisse".

K, the fact that Mum doesn't throw anything out comes in handy once in a while.


Dr. Papa said...

Hey, that Swiss Grammar book got me through teaching the subjunctive when I was doing my student teaching in 1973. I had never been able to understand the subjunctive until then. It's a book WORTH saving.

On another note...the rules about past participle agreement and the subject/object thing are more straight forward than the whole subjunctive stuff.

Those kinds of things, once learned, are not easily forgotten. We usually learned them through some sort of pain or embarrassment.

Love you! Good luck with the exam.

Anonymous said...

Say What?? It's all Greek to me!

K said...

So has mum saved a copy of this screen yet????

Evey said...

I know how to ask to go to the bathroom in french. Its the only thing I learned in my grade 7 french class. lol

Wow I see Faye has been posting around these parts. How cool.

Anonymous said...

understanding what you're talking about... you go!!