Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crusty Rage

We went to the Cage last night. Always down for a good time. We missed Power Hour, but we made it worth our while to be there anyway! There was a live band (as always) who normally just play covers, but still are really good. The lead singer and the bassist are from the band Zooker Baby, which I remember to be a popular band, but upon an internet search to link their site, I came up with nothing. Anyway, if anyone remembers that band, please tell me so I don't feel so crazy.

Anyway, we had a great time, drinks were had, a little bit of dancing, and the result is a pretty sore head this morning. It was worth it though. It always is... Well except that one time that I was so sick I swore I'd never drink again, and it actually worked for about 4 months. That night of partying really wasn't worth it at all. But last night? Definitely worth it.


K said...

I remember the band...they were local and probably didn't get much airplay outside of Calgary...
Was your gentleman caller there?

Steve Jolliffe said...

You were probably unable to find anything about Zooker Baby because they are called Zuckerbaby.

Are you sure it wasn't them that you saw last night? They are back together and can be found at

And regarding the amount you party, it seems like a lot. Work hard, play hard. Right? I don't know how you do it. I'm usually in bed by 8 every night.

Steph said...

I defintely saw that band once opening at a concert I went to of which I now forget. How strange.

I am tired. Thanks for calling me this morning on my 3.5 hr layover in Calgary. Next time I suggest doing this trip, please talk me out of it....please.


Heather said...

Steph I definitely didn't wake up until 1 pm. 1pm. I'm very sorry... You should have called me though. I put all the blame on you. I still love you though, and I hope it's reciprocal.

And yes, the gentleman caller was there.

And Zuckerbaby is definitely the name... I had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't Zooker baby. Thanks! But I don't think it was them last night, unless they are Zuckerbaby just with different guitarists and drummer.

Steve Jolliffe said...

I did some more searching and it turns out that there have been a few band member changes. I think the bass player and drummer are not part of the original line up.

Not sure why my link didn't work out.

Let's try again.

Heather said...

From what I could see from the pics on their site they are in fact the band that was there on Friday. So nicely done Steve and you made me a) not feel crazy for knowing Zuckerbaby and b) know and appreciate the band that entertained me during my drunken fiascos. Thanks!

And I guess I do go out a lot, but I feel like I'm young and should. Am I right folks? Am I right?

Evey said...

Sounds like fun times for all:)