Saturday, January 13, 2007

Okay, fine, I have a crush on a gay guy. What are you going to do about it.

I'll specify that this is more an asexual brother sister crush.

So I got back yesterday from a four day, and oh my god we laughed so freaking hard the entire time. It was me, my crush, another non-women liking guy and a girl. I was uncontrollable laughing for probably 50% of the entire four days. This gay guy, who I have a crush on, is the cutest most adorable boy in the entire world... we knew we were soul mates when he sang a line from a Mary Poppins song and I sang the next line without even thinking about it. It pretty much went downhill from there. We had a lot in common and man was he so so cute. All four of us just laughed and laughed, it was such a great time. Doing the demo was more like trying not to keel over because we were laughing so hard. Oh god... so fun. Our pilots were less that great, and we kept having to pretend we had plans so that we didn't have to hang out with them. Since I was in Ottawa, I used Kristen as an excuse. I called her in the crew van, discovered she was really sick and coughy and sleepy, and so we decided not to hang out. I then muttered into the phone "ok, so now I'm going to pretend that I'm coming over so that I don't have to hang out with the pilots ok?" which one of the other FA's heard, and instantly burst out laughing. I in turn burst into hysterics myself... Then I say "ok so when do you want me to come over?" abnormally loudly over the phone, to which Kristen replies "whenever you want! oh wait? why am I pretending?" which made me laugh even harder. So the two pilots are staring at me and the other flight attendants, who caught on to my clever plan, dying of laughter. Even Kristen is laughing because she can hear all of us. Oh god the tears were streaming down my face. So freaking funny. Then when we went to hang out sans pilots we were all stealthy trying not to run into the pilots. At first I felt bad about ditching them bu then I heard them talking about how I had a nice ass in a super creepy way and then stopped feeling bad.

Today I worked at Starbuck's and we had a "borrowed partner" from an other store working with us... He walked in the door and my face instantly lit up. We are lacking in the cute single guys at our location, so having one even for a morning was a nice change. I'm thinking I might see him again.

I leave again tomorrow for four more days. I'm in Vancouver... I hope that the snow has sort of subsided so that we don't get any crazy delays. Speaking of delays, I'm watching "View From the Top" with Gwenyth Paltrow, Mike Meyers, Christina Applegate, and Candace Bergen, which for those who don't know is a movie about flight attendants. I've never seen it before, and everyone says that I need to so I'm watching it. It's really funny to see the movie version of flight attending... And it's kind of depressing to see how fancy and nice things are when my job is so not even close to as fancy. (See above note about trying to not keel over and die while doing the safety demo). It's a pretty funny movie though. Maybe one day our* company will get a little higher class... not that I don't like it, because I do, but while in Ottawa my crush and I saw a cafeteria lady cleaning up tables wearing the same uniform as we wear. Nice.

That's about it. Oh right one more thing. So on the last day of my pairing I woke up to my phone ringing. Nothing unusual, since I often get wake-up calls from the hotel lobby desk. Though when I picked it up it was my crush saying "Morning Sunshine!" I said "oh how sweet you're calling to wake me up!" He replied with "so it's 6:45" to which I replied "mother %$#@!*& christ!" since that was the time I was supposed to meet my crew in the lobby. I was not only late, but dead to the world asleep late. I don't really get how I didn't get a wake-up call though, because I know that I requested one. Whatever... Anyways, as he hung up the phone I heard him say to the crew "She'll be right down!"

I madly brushed my teeth, got dressed, surprisingly didn't forget anything and went downstairs. I greeted everyone with a huge smile and said "Good Morning! What a beautiful day!" with sideways hair and no make-up. My pilots were less than impressed and my captain even said "I'm surprised, and kind of disappointed that you weren't crying!". I did my make-up in the van on the way to the airport, my hair in the airplane bathroom, and that was that. What are you going to do right? Crying about it would be kind of stupid, and I was too busy laughing with the other FAs about me forgetting to put my bra on and having to fish it out of my suitcase on the plane to cry! Oh man... I had to sleep in one of these days!

K now for real that's it.


lu said...

but remember when you were worried about the state of your bum in your uniform? now you can rest assured that it looks good!

kers said...

dont you looove sleeping in!?!? i did it in yeg a while sucked...i think you have me beat on the bra situation though