Sunday, January 07, 2007

I flew all the way to Mexico and all I got was this lousy pecan tart

Yesterday I flew to Cancun! Hot, 28 degree Cancun, where the sun was shining, the water was oh so blue, the baggage guys were wearing shorts... And I had to turn around and fly back. Back to Ottawa, where it was raining and cold, though quite nice for Ottawa in January so I shouldn't really complain. Either way, it was depressing to be there and not get to stay. To add insult to injury, the Mexican shorts wearing baggage people stole all the extra meals (on charter flights they provide meals to guests and staff), so we the flight attendants didn't get any meals. Apparently this is common in some of the charter destinations because the Mexican ground guys definitely don't get paid as much as our ground guys (since they aren't westjet, and they live in Mexico) and so they take the extra meals to give to their families (or probably just to eat themselves, I don't really know.)

On one hand, I'm all "Hey! I'm hungry and I didn't bring any food today because I knew I would be getting a meal. Give me back my food you thieves!". On the other hand, I'm all "Go ahead and take it because you're hungry and though I'm not rolling in it, you probably are way more needy than I am and go ahead and take these meals and take more!" They're even smart thieves, because before, they used to take a whole box of meals and then we wouldn't have enough for guests, we'd write it up and they'd get in trouble. Now, they figure out how many guests we have on board, and then leave just enough meals for the guests and take all the others. Since the only ones that are missing are the extras, we don't write it up and they don't get into trouble. So all I ate was a pecan tart that a guest gave me out of their meal... (don't worry it was wrapped). Even worse than flying to Cancun and not staying there was the fact that we flew out at 5:40 in the morning, which meant a 4:30 check-in. Which meant a 3:30 wake-up. So I woke up at 3:30, flew to Cancun, got robbed by the baggage guys, had a pecan tart, flew back, got back to the hotel and was sleeping by 3:30 pm.

After my nap, I walked to Kristen's, picked up Starbuck's and some bubble tea on the way, and then chilled and watched the hockey game. I ended up sleeping there since I didn't want to cab it back to the hotel after the game, so I'm here still and chillin on the couch trying to decide when to drag my lazy bones back to my hotel. I forget how much I love my sister sometimes, but last night when I decided to stay here, instead of asking her if I could stay, I just asked "do you have an extra contact case?" She said yes, and then when I went into the room to go to bed, she had cleared off the bed of all their laundry, set out some extra pjs, and made it all cozy for me! How cute! Best sister ever.

So that's that. I leave tonight, go back to Calgary tonight, work tomorrow morning at Starbie's, then leave again on Tuesday for four days. Hopefully I don't catch Jordan's flu!


Kirst said...

A pecan tart sounds good.

lu said...

you know what? just cause the mexican baggage men in shorts may or may not be more needy than you they still shouldn't be stealing your meals! a girl's gotta eat.

and, if they are smart enough to figure out how to scam enough meals so as not to get into trouble they should be using their enterprising ways to make money to buy food to feed themselves or their families.

kerrylynne said...

nice blog girl!!! at least it was a pecan starving and i want one right now flight back from yvr was delayed 3 hours...BRUTAL!!!you still have to do your ABC's...have a good pairing!

Lulu said...

Glad to have you back home, I almost forgot what you look like! Too bad you leave again tomorrow!

--Nathan-- said...

mmmm pecan tarts... sounds deliciously unsatisfying. from the many times i've been starving sometimes eating a little something makes it worse.. like waking the beast.