Thursday, January 25, 2007

I don't really have anything to post about.

My life has been kinda regular for the last week or so, so I don't have any crazy stories to tell. I think I need to bust out the book I got for Christmas.

I was recently told by someone that they've never met anyone who parties as much as I do, which really made me think about how much partying I do... I didn't think I really did too much, but maybe I do! Either way, I like it, so I'm not really going to change. (I think I said "I do" way too many times in that last paragraph. No, maybe not quite too many. I DO. K, now that was too many.)

I've been flying a little, working at Starbuck's a little, sleeping, hanging out, you know. This weekend the Lethbridge crew is coming in to party, so I have no doubt that there will be a little more drunken debauchery. Hopefully some more interesting posts will ensue.

Today I think I'm going to the Asian market to get a few things... maybe some bubbles to make some bubble tea, and some other asiany foody goodness. Mmmmmmm, bubbles...

Alright, I think I might have a boyfriend. I'm in boyfriend denial. Not that I don't want this guy as a boyfriend. But seriously. "Single Heather" is fun Heather. I have to learn how to be "Single Heather" with a boyfriend. I'll have to work on that. Crap.


Anonymous said...

ARe the "bubbles" tapioca beads? And do they come in a dry form for cheap? I'm thinking of using tapioca beads as a filler in my centerpieces and I don't know where to get them.


Heather said...

They are tapioca beads in dry for... not dirt cheap, but not too expensive... You should check it out. T&T Supermarket.

Anonymous said...

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