Sunday, January 21, 2007

Take off your flip flops and suspenders

I'm pretty sure that I was still slightly intoxicated when I went to work this morning at 6 am. (The coffee work, not the flying work, don't worry.) Last night was ridiculous. $2.30 hi-balls. That's really all I need to say.

Oh, the title is a rendition of take off your pants and jacket. We said that a lot last night. (And no, Kristen, it isn't take off your jacket and pants.)


K said...

always take of your jacket and pants...who would take off their pants before their jacket? I mean come on, it makes no sense ;-)

--Nathan-- said...

why doesnt it make sense? just because you take off your jacket first doesnt mean thats the way it needs to be done. maybe the person had to go to the bathroom realllllly bad and was rushing home to use the can... would you stop to remove your jacket first... i know i wouldnt;)