Friday, January 19, 2007

"Just so you know", you're the most annoying person I've ever met.

The end has finally come to my working marathon... I don't work anywhere for two whole days!! It's kind of weird since I have all this time on my hands, but I won't complain.

Big news, Steph is coming in this weekend from London to party a little bit... I'm pretty stoked about that. Tonight I'm going to party with Sarah since she leaves Monday for Australia for the semester. Then tomorrow, Steph gets in, Nellie's for breakfast, and drunken debauchery to follow. I have to work at 6 am on Sunday, which sucks the big one, but I'll suffer through it for partying. I'm very excited. (For the partying, not so much the early working.)

I did in fact see the Starbucks guy again. And another time. And then talked to him while I was away, and then saw him again. Oh yeah and yesterday too. I think I have the startings of a potential guy that I see often. I don't know how I feel about that. He's a great guy, really sweet, and we have lots in common. But I really am not looking for a boyfriend. But maybe I should forget about that and roll with it. I don't really want to let an opportunity to have a great guy that I see often get away because I say I don't want a boyfriend. Either way, he's nice and pretty cute. Unfortunately he's from Toronto... oh well, I won't hold that against him too much.

My last pairing was alright... I worked with an FA who was a bit.... ummm, well she said "Just so you know" almost a hundred times, which is the phrase that makes most FAs shudder. To me, she prefaced her JYSK with "so how long have you been online?" (which is FA talk for flying) and then she said "well just so you know you're not allowed to wear dark nail polish. it says so in the manual. And some FAs will bite your head off for it." Firstly, don't ask me how long I've worked here when you're about to criticize me. That's lame. Secondly, don't say just so you know. AH! Then, whatever, nail polish, whatever, supposed to be natural colour, dark purply black isn't really natural but it's cool and fierce, fine whatever. Lastly, and most annoyingly, don't say "some flight attendants will bite your head off" when YOU'RE the one who's biting my head off... Don't blame others when really it's YOU that wants to tell me off. Take ownership of your opinions. Plus most people tell me they love my nail polish, so take that and stick it up your manual. End of rant.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I might post, might not... see how much damage the debauchery has on me.


kers said...

i hate when they say that...ohhh well i just dont want aflight attendant to bite your head off...WELL GUESS WHAT!! you are..just in a nice way...which isnt nice...ahh i hate fam lickers...GRRRRRR

Devo said...

Just so you know, it takes some getting used to when you like someone from Toronto. They may be wonderful people but they're still from Toronto. I guess not everyone can be perfect and be from Calgary.

--Nathan-- said...

i hear the best people in the world dont come from toronto, but the sub-divisions of toronto... like oh ... i dont know... Mississauga.

K said...

just so you ALSO aren't supposed to serve the cinnamon dolce until it has been released.

lu said...

the whole phrase 'just so you know...' is so passive agressive i cringe everytime someone starts a sentence with it. nothing positive can follow it.