Monday, April 10, 2006

Day of Hell is Over

Today was pretty much a day of hell.

But it's over. (Though I DID get the purple test of death again... The white and yellow tests are not as difficult as the purple test of death.)

Now I just have to finish up a paper due on Wednesday, and then it's BSD! I've never looked forward to a day of standing around in a field drinking so much! And this yeah I'll actually be wearing Bermuda Shorts! Imagine that! (though they're cute trendy Bermuda Shorts... Courtesy of Katie... How I fit into her shorts is another question altogether though.)

So that is that. I have a few days of rest, then the final sprint!!! And then it's ALL OVER.


Lulu said...

hey - I got the yellow test - the so called "non death test" and it was just as hard as yours this time.... at least you got some "con los ojos cerrados" - what did I get???? "Chac Mool" and "el árbol" - what the hell?????

Anonymous said...

hoooraaaaay....almost done. You can DO it...

(ahh the chac mool...scary bastard)