Sunday, April 09, 2006

Extreme Bad Mood

You know when you're just pissed off for not reason? Well that is me. Right now.

The started very well. Went to Nellie's in Kensington with Steph and Elliot (who I spent almost every waking hour with this weekend... I might as well BE them at this point), had a nice little walk from their place over there, ate on the patio, had a nice little walk back... really absolutely nothing to complain about.

Got home. Extreme Bad Mood began.

Decided to start studying for my exam tomorrow. Why on earth would a teacher put something as STUPID on an exam as matching titles of stories (which we HAVEN'T EVEN READ) with their authors???? Is this really important? Do we have nothing more to offer than this? Is THIS what the whole point of the course is? How stupid. Re-damn-diculous.

I decided to start the short little paper thing that's due tomorrow. I can't write it. I don't get the story. Why do I have to do this? It's stupid.

Finished up my stupid presentation. I have nothing intelligent to say about this right now. NOTHING. Why do I have to present the topic of my final paper? Do my classmates give two shits about what my paper is about? Because, no offense to my classmates, I couldn't care less about what they're writing about. What a waste of time. It's stupid.

Then I decided to wash the stupid muffin tins from Steph and my baking extravaganza on Friday. (and by "I decided", I actually mean got SO FED UP with my mother reminding me that I have to wash them because I still live at home that I flipping washed them.) It took me a LONG TIME. How could muffin tins that have been soaking in a sink of water for the last two days STILL BE HARD TO CLEAN?????? Because they are stupid.

I am clearly in a mood. A bad one. I would normally fill the void with ice cream or something deliciously fatty, but I'm full (from the breakfast). I want need some Starbuck's right now. That perhaps might calm me down. But I don't live at a Starbuck's, therefore I would have to go out to get it. And I don't feel like it.

I better get out of this funk before 7:30 or 8:00, because at that time I am going to Katie's house with Sarah and Vaness to make our BSD t-shirts. BSD is fun. T-shirts are fun. Making them is fun. So PLEASE PLEASE go away mood so that I can have fun. PLUS BSD T-shirt making day was when the all-time best quote ever was said. "Kristen, I wanna stay up and drink with the giiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllllsssssssssss". Jordan, wanna come make BSD T-shirts with us? That would probably cheer me up.

Rant over. Hopefully this is the worst my mood will get.


K said...

jordan is on his way....

Hez said...

Do you know what is the world's biggest tragedy?


Do I get no warning of this? I went to Starbuck's to cheer myself up, AND THERE WERE NO MORE CINNAMON DOLCES.

End of the world as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they can jimmy up something similar with cinammon and vanilla. They did that for me at the airport in Calgary the day we left because they were out of dolce.

PS-jordan couldn't get on the last flight was full. so he sat around drinking in your honour....ok so he didn't...but we can pretend.

Evey said...

It IS the end of the world....I was just made aware of the no more CDL anymore by my husband yesterday! It is a sad day:(

How fitting, the first 3 letters of my word verification spell in BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.