Saturday, April 08, 2006

So far this Saturday has been a lot more productive than last Saturday

Last Saturday, I was a heap on the couch.

This Saturday, so far I have:
  • Woken up early and wrote some of my paper.
  • Showered. (Which is WAY more than I can say about last week)
  • Played Ultimate Frizbee at the Jewish Centre (because I'm such a Jew) with Steph and Elliot and a few other people.
  • Organized myself for my exam on Monday.
  • OK I MIGHT have chilled on the couch for a while, but I feel like I deserve it since I was so productive.
Later, I hope to:
  • Visit with Mo and her baby!
  • Go bowling
  • Relax and NOT think about my papers and tests.
I feel like I am great because I am keeping up with my assignments (relatively speaking) without loosing my mind and also having time to have a life, hang out with my friends and not be a hermit.


LS said...

you're kickin' my butt so far - I've only just come home from work- which was pretty crap... tomorrow I might do my best to beat you...

Evey said...

You were much more productive than I was yesterday. I kept meaning to be productive but I kept finding things to stop me. I did however have one burst of productivness and cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards! lol

K said...

How was your visit with Mo?!!?

Hez said...

Visit with Mo was great... She looks really good and Nadia is CUTE!