Monday, April 03, 2006

So apparently, this is my 100th post

I wish I some incredibly exciting story to share on this momentous post. But I don't.

I have a VERY busy two weeks of school coming up, but then, dare I say it, I am finished. It's sort of odd, since I've been counting the days all semester, impatiently waiting the end, and now I wish I had an extra month to finish everything. But I will finish. Oh yes, I will get 'er done.

So, time to post something fun. An ode to 100 posts worth of embarassing pictures. To all those who are on this mosaic and didn't want to be, you should know better than to let someone who has a blog take your picture.


Lulu said...

I can't believe it is finally here - what a long ride it has been - though very glad you were there too! Let's keep each other sane for the next 2 weeks. Hasta miercoles ma chèrie!

Anonymous said...

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