Friday, April 28, 2006

Week one done!

I finished my first week of training... only three more to go!

I had three exams, simulated the putting up of the life raft (which is HUGE by the way), went in a fake plane, and learned about a bagillion things. People should feel VERY safe when flying! Seriously... they call us "safety professionals"!

Monday, I get to fight a real live fire!!!

That's about all I've got.

Goal for tomorrow: Find someone to do something about those pants.


K said...

good luck with the pants!

and congrats on week one of training. any word on may long?

Hez said...

May long is a no go... When I checked with my instructor she told me that there was pretty much no way I'd get home on the Sunday or Monday... BOOOO!

PS the pants are 42.00$ for ONE OF THE PAIRS to be altered... YIKES! I might only have one nice pair, cause that's a LOT to pay.

K said...

Yeah...that makes a bunch of sense. Flying standby on a long weekend wouldn't exactly be easy.