Friday, April 07, 2006

Titles of songs I could credibly write if I became a rap star

(As written by Greg Howard from McSweeny's Lists)

Ain't Nothin' but a G Thang, Although I Usually Go by "Greg," to Be Honest

Mama Said Have Some Milk and Cookies

Bitches and Hos (I Have Neither/Nor)

I Know Someone Who Has a Friend of a Friend Who's Chillin' on Death Row

Ready 2 Take a Nap

Roll Me a Blunt (Now What Does That Mean Again?)

The Best Tastee-Freezes Are in My Hood

YO Gangsta (Do You Know How to Get to Napa Valley? I Appear to Be Lost)

I Like Medium-Sized Butts ... I Mean, It's Great If They Have Some Dimension but Let's Not Get Carried Away, but on the Other Hand It's No Good When the Legs Just Shoot Straight Up to the Hips and There's Nothing Else There, I Hate That

Smack My Fax Up

**This was just too funny to pass up**


Greg said...

I am glad you enjoyed my free comedy. More is available at, which as it happens, is also free. So it's really hard to go wrong.

Anonymous said...

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