Friday, December 02, 2005

Girly Day!

So my best bud Katie is going to her boyfriends "real person who works at a real company" Christmas Party. She asked me to help her with her hair and make-up, and since I LOVE doing stupid girl stuff like that, of course I said yes! So after a few tries and some major "I don't think so"s from her, this is what we ended up with! Fabulous!

Isn't she a knockout???
Here I am, not even showered.... lovely!

This is me going home... (notice her in sweats... she had a few more hours to kill before the party, so back in the sweats!)


K said...

i hope you sprayed the crap out of her hair so that it would stay looking fabulous!

Hez said...

Do you even have to ask that??????

You KNOW I used at least half a bottle on her, and you KNOW I chased her around the house saying "I think you need a little more on the side" and she ran away trying not to become a walking fire hazard...

(Willow now runs away everytime I pick up the hair spray because she knows she's going to get a faceful)

Blogosaurus Rex said...

Hot, hott, hawt... I hope her boyfriend appreciated all your efforts. I certainly would have.