Friday, December 16, 2005


This is me writing my paper.

(Other side of me writing my paper.)

This is me getting an idea and writing it down.

This is me realizing that it wasn't the greatest idea and now being stuck with nothing.

This is me sulking because I have more writing to do.

Stay tuned for me being finished and celebrating by dancing around like an idiot!
And to answer any questions, yes, I am that pale (except for when I'm drinking, because then I'm pretty red. Or when I'm working out, cause then I'm pretty red too)... but I like to think that my chins aren't that big... I think it's the camera angle... yeah, the camera angle.


K said...

at leas you're wearing a cute sweater...though in the subarctic climate of mum's basement, it's pretty much neccessary gear.

Hez said...

The sad part of it is that after being down there a little while, my poor little fingies stop moving as quickley because they go numb! What you can't see in those pictures is the fleece blanket wrapped around my feet, legs and torso, my slippers, the hot cup of tea on the side... Yes... Quite necessary gear in the basement. People think we joke... oh it's not joke.

(I think I can see my breath...)

Lulu said...

I love it - its funny how that pretty much describes me this whole week - except you forgot the finding 20 million other things to do to procrastinate. Well, that's me anyways. We should do our celebration dances together - i'm done monday when I hand in my 2 hated Nayibe papers.....