Monday, December 19, 2005

J'ai fini!


No more school! (Until January 9, that is, when I start my VERY LAST SEMESTER OF UNIVERSITY!)

So on Saturday, I celebrated by making some caramel almond popcorn. Mmmmmmmmm. I saw it on Martha Stewart, and I just had to make it!

I toasted my own almonds, popped my own corn, made caramel from scratch... It was fun! (I even dropped my candy thermometre in the caramel... that was really fun too.)

You can find the recipe here.

That night I went to the Roadhouse with my girls Vanessa, Jess, Caroline, and Jess's friend Jenna, who was fun too! As always, we had a blast. But, the celebrations took their toll on my the next day, let me tell you! I was NOT feeling good the next morning. I think I'm getting too old for this club stuff. I think I'll lay off for a little bit.

That's a hot pose I've got going on... And Vanessa please don't kill me for putting this picture on here, because I know you don't like it, BUT you can find more and better pictures from the night here, so don't fret!

I didn't end up taking a picture of me dancing around like and idiot after finishing my last paper, but you can just picture it in your head... My stomach still hurts too much to dance around...

Tequila = Death.

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