Thursday, December 29, 2005

So many events... so few entries!

Well so much has happened in the last week or so! My sister came home, and that was fanTAStic. It's so nice to see her and Jordan! I miss all the silliness!

Christmas happened, which was great. I got one big present that will hopefully come in the mail tomorrow, so I'm quite pumped for that. Other than that, everyone seemed to like the presents I got them, so that's always a plus!

I did a little boxing day shopping, got some new kicks and some jeans, then went out to Ceili's with a whole bunch of people and saw SO many who I haven't seen in a while.

Worked a little, working again tomorrow and Saturday, which stinks because the university is DESERTED and no one cares that we're open.

Yesterday we went to Kirsten's for a fake Tuesday night dinner (since they were busy on Tuesday) and had some yummy hamburger soup. SO GOOD! On my way to their place I stopped at the liquor store to get some beers, and I was SO happy to see Wildrose, my most farourite beer, in bottles now!!! You used to only be able to get Wildrose on tap, then they began to offer in in one litre bottles, and NOW IN REGULAR BOTTLES!!!! Velvet Fog is my fave, but the Brown is a very close second. Even people who don't like beer that much like Velvet Fog. Ohhhhhhhh, so delish.

Shopped today with the G-ma and got some christmas clothes, (well not actually christmassy clothing, but clothing for christmas), and had some delicious lunch at Mercato.

I decided to work at the golf course that I used to work at for New Year's since I'll make some good money. My friends Vanessa and Jess are working too, and it's pretty fun (besides the work part) so it's not like it's all bad... I never have the greatest time ever on New Year's, so I decided instead of spending lots of money for an okay time, I might as well make some moola and have fun with my girls.

That's pretty much the update... Basically just trying to take some time to enjoy my holidays and my time with Kristen! Then back to school. Boo.

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