Monday, December 12, 2005

It's Monday

In case you were wondering what day it is.

I had my first exam today. It went well... I blabbed on for 8 and a half pages about how the two protagonists in two novels are similar and different in their ways to "climb the ladder of high society in Paris" blah blah blah... bored yet? You should be.

I went to the library because I found THE PERFECT BOOK for my spanish paper on learning and teaching strategies for different learning styles in the acquisition of a second language, but when I got to the library, the librarian told me that I couldn't have the book. Isn't that what a library is? THE LENDING OF BOOKS??? It's a 24 hour loan, which I accept, but she tells me "well if you're not in the class, you can't have it." First of all, she never asked me what class I was taking. (I'm NOT in the class, but still...) Secondly, OBVIOUSLY no one else wants it, otherwise it would be out, considering we're already into finals. Thirdly, no where does it say anywhere that you have to be in the class... it just says 24 hour loan. Why is it in the general library catalogue if you can only check it out if you're in the class? What a tease.

"I know it's for that particular class, but it's the perfect book for my paper, which is in a very similar class, but it's in Spanish, not Education. Couldn't I just take it home tonight and give it back tomorrow morning? Please?"


"Okay, well can I take it now for a few minutes, and then come back tomorrow and have it for a couple of hours?"

"FINE. Give me your card." (snatches my card out of my hand and throws it back to me after scanning it)

"Thank you."

Five minutes later... she walks over to where I'm sitting.

"Are you done yet??????"

"Ummmm, no, not yet."

"Well you better bring it back when you're done."

"Okay... no problem." Despite what all those who know me are thinking, I actually was being nice to her.

So I barely got any time with the precious book, and for all I know someone will have it tomorrow. Some special "in the class" person who doesn't want it as much as I do. They won't appreciate the book, love the book, care for the book like I will. I NEED THAT BOOK!

I found another book (in the reject aka for regular people not special IN THE CLASS people), not NEARLY as perfect, and I brought it up to the counter and at first she ignored that I was standing there, then finally sighed and came over, examined the book, and then looked at me in the eyes and said "so what class is THIS one for?" What kind of question is that? Is there a rule that states that the librarians are allowed to interrogate each student who wants to check out a book? I told her that it was for the same class... it honestly took her 10 seconds to react and finally she snatched my card again and decided that I was worthy enough to check out the book. I totally don't get it.

Oh well. I better get that freaking book tomorrow.


K said...

I too hope you get the book.

Did the exam go ok at least?

Blogosaurus Rex said...

God... What a bitchy librarian. I guess customer service is not an issue with that library. You are the better person for being nice though, even though part of me says you should have thrown the book at her.

Lulu said...

WOW, just goes to show you what our university is all about - people (aka employees) are there for themselves and funnny enough NOT to serve or help the students. I honestly cannot wait until we are both finished with this crap!
Glad you finally got the book - good luck on the paper...